Treat your pets like family.

LTCI is the first USDA-approved treatment aid for osteoarthritis in dogs and the first USDA-approved treatment aid for cats with feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and/or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

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At home, cats and dogs aren't treated like pets. They're treated, and loved, like part of the family. At the vet, their treatment should be no different. Treat them like family. Treat them with LTCI.

LTCI for Cats

LTCI & Cats

LTCI is a naturally-occurring, immune-modulating protein that helps restore a cat's ability to fight infection caused by FeLV and/or FIV. Results from clinical studies have shown LTCI to have positive benefits on the health of cats infected with FeLV and/or FIV:

  • Increase CD-4 lymphocyte function
  • Increase CD-4 lymphocyte numbers
  • Increase IL-2 production
LTCI for Dogs

LTCI & Dogs

LTCI presents a revolutionary, USDA-approved treatment option for osteoarthritis in dogs. In a pivotal clinical trial, over 90% of LTCI patients achieved significant improvements in symptoms. Additional benefits of LTCI include:

  • Increased mobility
  • Reduced lymphocytosis
  • Well tolerated

T-Cyte Therapeutics provides USDA-approved, innovative treatment solutions that safely address the needs of pets with immune-mediated diseases. T-Cyte is dedicated to providing safe, effective, science-based products that enhance the health of pets—allowing owners the enjoyment of longer-lived, healthier companions.

LTCI is a true immunomodulator, in that it can increase immune response to foreign antigens as well as dampen immune-mediated type responses.

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